Updated Email Security Policy

On the 31st Oct 2016 Relate Software updated its email security policy in relation to receiving e-mails with attachments due to the increase in Ransomware.

Going forward we would advise you not to send emails to support containing attachments, for example; Relate Accounts Production backup files. In your email simply state the nature of your issue and include any screenshots you may require to give a concise explanation. If we require a backup of your data to resolve the issue, a member of the support team will forward you a link to upload to our secure file server. We suggest you review your own security policies as we have seen firms hit by this malicious attack recently and all of their files are now inaccessible.

“Ransomware is typically installed in a system through a malicious email attachment, an infected software download and/or visiting a malicious website or link. When the system is infected with ransomware, it is locked down, the user’s files are encrypted, or the user is restricted from accessing the computer’s key features. The ransomware will send pop-up windows asking the user to pay a specific ransom to reclaim or reactivate the computer.”