Personal Tax Manager

Personal Tax Manager

Relate Personal Tax Manager is the complete Irish tax management software. Fully optimised to function in conjunction with (Revenue Online Services) ROS, Relate Personal Tax utilizes the ROS calculation engine through web services to calculate and submit company tax returns online, this has allowed Relate to concentrate on tax management rather than calculation updating which ROS already provides.

Relate Personal Tax can be used as a standalone product or integrates with Relate Accounts Production and DRIVE CRM & Practice Management for one centralised database.


Rollover of data:

Relate Personal Tax automatically rolls over tax figures, year upon year so our clients can keep a steady record of their accounts without the hassle.

Ease of Use:

Dual columns display last year’s tax figures alongside current year’s inputs for easy cross referencing, allowing the user to easily define tax liable and missing information which is highlighted when updating the accounts.

F11 Calculation:

Import last year’s F11 ROS files automatically. This information is then stored in the Relate Tax Database, the user can then add any additional information required. The system will display the Form F11 Calculation & return, electronically filing the F11 and issue a notification date which will be displayed and held in the database

Database Security:

Relate Personal Tax Manager runs on Microsoft SQL and includes the most up to date encryption technologies. As it will handle any Increase in volume, Practices can be assured that this database can grow with them without having to change their database.

Print Formats:

An improved print layout allows you to present your accounts in a clear professional looking format for your clients.



Key Features at a Glance

  • Import last year’s details from ROS offline .F11 files into tax database
  • Automatic rollover of data from year to year
  • Displays last year’s tax figures alongside current year inputs
  • Highlights missing information with “?” icon
  • Schedules for multiple trades, rental income, foreign dividend income
  • “Where are we” status screen with chart showing outstanding returns
  • ROS Calculation & Submissions with Notification Numbers
  • ROS Inbox Access
  • ROS Form 11 improved layout print as well as
  • Relate Style print
  • Alerts & Penalty Calculations
  • Datamine your tax database e.g. list all clients with rental income, film relief etc
  • Send reminders through Word, email and SMS to clients
  • Allows you to work on multiple returns at the same time
  • Automatic upload of accounts figures from Relate Accounts Production
  • Sold standalone or part of DRIVE CRM database

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