Cashflow Policy

Where posting analysis is split incorrectly between the cash and non-cash postings a difference will arise on the Cash Flow Statement within Relate Accounts Production. Resolving these differences can cause a varying level of difficulty. A review of the Cash Flow Guide, the Cash Flow Statement Proof Pages within the system and the original source documents should help trace any posting errors. Our support team offer as much support as possible in this area however as they do not know your clients’ accounts or postings it is difficult for them to resolve posting issues.

In order to help users, we have produced a detailed guide to cash flow statements which has 25 examples of the most common cash flow issues our support team has encountered. Please, find attached link for Cashflow Policy. The majority of queries arise in relation to comparatives and b/fwd balances. To assist in resolving these differences we have introduced the ‘Check B/fwd balances’ tool to the nominal ledger. This has greatly helped with reconciliations.

From the 1st December 2014 we introduced a policy whereby any cash flow queries, where the technical support team cannot assist, this must be escalated to our team of accountants, who are qualified to review your data and suggest resolutions. A member of the support team will forward the cash flow request form. This form must be filled in and sent back before analysis of the data can begin. The form should contain as much information as possible to assist our team of accountants with the resolution. The charge for their time is €95 + VAT. If an issue is found which requires a programme change to the software to resolve, this charge will be refunded. We advise a 4-day turnaround on cash flows to resolve your cash flow or earlier.