Workflow Management Overview

DRIVE contains a series of workflow management tools, designed to help firms control and monitor job plans, schedules and deadlines. Maximise productivity and output with a structured approach to human resource allocation and a systematic workflow schedule.

Workflow Management

Workflow Manager

Eliminate Excel sheets: Managers can view all jobs, deadlines and holidays for the year in one place, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets.

Management Overview: Easily check the progress of each job and keep an eye on the ones that are overdue, completed or ready to invoice.

Integration: Workflow manager integrates all aspects of a job including communications, WIP ledger, notes and books in-module to provide a comprehensive view of the client.

Workflow Scheduler

Bespoke Jobs: Jobs can be set up at a simple or detailed level. Comprehensive job plans can be created to control all stages of a job with built-in checklists.

Track Resources: With a centralised workflow & resources view, it is very easy to track internal resources and allocate staff to jobs accordingly.

Job Drill-down: View jobs for a client/practice over the entire year or drill down for a more detailed view of a project/client. This view makes it easy to allocate staff to client work

Workflow Scheduler

Deadline Manager

Deadline Manager

With litigation being an ever increasing concern for firms not on top of client affairs, it is vital that controls are put in place to track important deadlines.

Statutory Deadline: Statutory deadlines are predefined. Add customisable deadlines to guarantee all deadlines are accounted for.

Staff Deadlines: All deadlines can be viewed at any time through the centralised diary system or through the comprehensive workflow module.