CRM Overview

Client satisfaction is at the core of practice growth. The best way to make your clients satisfied is to ensure they know they are important to you. Without exception, all top firms hold regular face-to-face meetings with clients and follow up with pro-active contact; such a vital activity can often be overlooked due to lack of resources or time. DRIVE’s integrated CRM module has made this process very time efficient whilst at the same time reducing the cost of how this can be achieved.

CRM Overview

Contact Database

Centralised client data ensures the correct information is always available for management to enable them to make critical decisions.

Scalable: A scalable Microsoft SQL database is the key to expanding and growing your practice. MS Excel and file folders do not scale.

Enhanced client service: A comprehensive overview of your clients ensures needs are best dealt with in a timely manner.

Reduced Admin Time: Staff in the practice know exactly where to find the information they need, when they need it.

Key Features

  • Full Client/Contact/Prospect Database
  • Drilldown into WIP Ledger
  • Drilldown into Fees Ledger
  • Add Credit Control Information
  • Set Relationships
  • Multiple Entity Types
  • Expand Database Using Other Information Setup including:
    • Tabs
    • Groups
    • Text Fields
    • Numeric Fields
    • Date Fields
    • Memo Fields
    • Yes/No Answers
    • Lookup Lists
    • Tables
    • Microsoft Word Merge Templates
    • Microsoft Excel Merge Templates
    • Column Chooser/Filters
    • Create Job Plans
    • Drilldown into Communication History
    • Skype Call
    • Drilldown into Jobs
Contact Database

Communications Management

Grow Your Business by Working Smarter: DRIVE’s centralised communication folder provides a 360° view of all client interactions. This makes it easier & faster for staff to keep up-to-date, allowing you to spend more time helping clients and increasing Fees.

Increased Efficiency: Partners and managers can locate everything they need in one place, without having to search across multi systems.

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Key Features

  • Record all phone calls
  • Record all emails
  • Record all diary appointments/meetings
  • Record all faxes
  • Record all memo/notes for file
  • Send SMS messages from DRIVE
  • Attach Accounts
  • Attach Tax Returns
  • Attach Assessments
  • Record all tasks
  • Prioritise and Track Status to Completion
  • Review staff email through administrative rights
  • Review all communications to ensure accuracy of recording by staff
  • Record Scanned Documents
  • Record Documents not entered through DRIVE
  • Record Worksheets
  • Hyperlink to client file on your network from communications in DRIVE
  • Record Messenger Conversations with clients as memo file
  • Assign Communications to other staff for action
Communications Management
Communications Management Icon

Document Management Icon

Document Management

E-Filing: Electronically capture and store all paper based documentation by scanning it directly to the client folder.

Unlock Resources & Increase Chargeable Time: Free up administrative time spent on locating and retrieving documents. No more round trips to the filing cabinets searching for client documents.

Reduce Costs: Going paperless significantly reduces stationery costs, staff time and document storage space.

Key Features

  • Scanned Inbox
  • Staff Inbox
  • Assign Scanned Documents to Staff
  • Forward as Email
  • Thumbnail View
  • Preview Pain
  • Multipage
  • Use External Viewer Such as Invu or Adest
  • Define Auto Folder Structures
  • Indexed History
  • File Format PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIF
  • Categorise Scanned Documents
  • Index against Client and Job
  • Update Status
  • File in Selected Year Folder
  • Mark a Priority
  • Apply Scan Type
  • Index by Campaign

Marketing Management

DRIVE’s Powerful data mining tool features integrated bulk emailing, mass mail merge & group SMS facilities.

Increase Fees with Targeted Marketing: Generate additional fees and grow your client base by segmenting your client & prospect database and targeting contacts that are not using a service you provide.

Time saving processes: Easily group your client data for accurate and efficient emailing to clients e.g. send an email to 100s of clients to request books and records in seconds and auto-file the correspondence to each client’s folder.

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Key Features

  • Year End Books Requests
  • Year End Bank Letters
  • Monthly Newswires
  • Ezines / email
  • Label Runs
  • Select By Entity Type
  • Full List Of Merge Field
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Group SMS Option
  • Last Run By and Last Run Date
  • Create your own data queries through Query Builder
  • Field Selection
  • Preview & Print List
  • Adjust/Delete/Cleanup List
  • Filter List
  • Regenerate List
  • Export to Text File
Marketing Management
Marketing Management Icon