CRM Overview

Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is now considered a cornerstone of a modern practice. Relate has developed DRIVE CRM specifically for accountants in practice. DRIVE CRM significantly improves the way your firm handles the client management process. Accountants have a confidential and fiduciary relationship with their clients and it is vital that a system is put in place for recording contact with clients, should any difficulty arise in matters of tax or other compliance areas. A good communications recording system will improve client service enormously, as well as help prevent client loss and improve client loyalty.

Contact Database

Easy to navigate and use. Users can click to see clients by entity type, industry category, location, status, partner or grouping. Data is automatically and quickly available through drilldown. Click to see all associated contacts linked to clients and for billing. CRM allows you to track prospective clients as well as upload a list of local businesses for marketing purposes. CRM also allows you to keep a central list of all general contacts for the practice such as banks, solicitors, advisers and tax authorities.

Key Features

  • Full Client/Contact/Prospect Database
  • Drilldown into WIP Ledger
  • Drilldown into Fees Ledger
  • Add Credit Control Information
  • Set Relationships
  • Multiple Entity Types
  • Expand Database Using Other Information Setup including:
    • Tabs
    • Groups
    • Text Fields
    • Numeric Fields
    • Date Fields
    • Memo Fields
    • Yes/No Answers
    • Lookup Lists
    • Tables
    • Microsoft Word Merge Templates
    • Microsoft Excel Merge Templates
    • Column Chooser/Filters
    • Create Job Plans
    • Drilldown into Communication History
    • Skype Call
    • Drilldown into Jobs
Contact Database

Marketing Database

Firms need to harness and reuse information held within their client list. Historically, accountancy firms have been reluctant and unsure about marketing their services to potential clients. DRIVE CRM allows firms to upload prospective lists into the system for marketing purposes as well as cross-selling to existing clients. Send template-driven letters or emails easily and speedily. All communications sent will be recorded under the communications history for each prospect.

Key Features

  • Year End Books Requests
  • Year End Bank Letters
  • Monthly Newswires
  • Ezines / email
  • Label Runs
  • Select By Entity Type
  • Full List Of Merge Field
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Group SMS Option
  • Last Run By and Last Run Date
  • Create your own data queries through Query Builder
  • Field Selection
  • Preview & Print List
  • Adjust/Delete/Cleanup List
  • Filter List
  • Regenerate List
  • Export to Text File
Marketing Database

Communications Management

DRIVE CRM reduces and reuses information generated by the practice. 94% of all paper in a practice is printed by the practice itself. DRIVE CRM provides a centralised solution to capture all your client interactions electronically at source thereby reducing the need to print and store information in a paper- based client file. Within weeks of using DRIVE CRM the client communication file will become electronic.

Key Features

  • Record all phone calls
  • Record all emails
  • Record all diary appointments/meetings
  • Record all faxes
  • Record all memo/notes for file
  • Send SMS messages from DRIVE
  • Attach Accounts
  • Attach Tax Returns
  • Attach Assessments
  • Record all tasks
  • Prioritise and Track Status to Completion
  • Review staff email through administrative rights
  • Review all communications to ensure accuracy of recording by staff
  • Record Scanned Documents
  • Record Documents not entered through DRIVE
  • Record Worksheets
  • Hyperlink to client file on your network from communications in DRIVE
  • Record Messenger Conversations with clients as memo file
  • Assign Communications to other staff for action
Communications Management

Document Management

Integrated scanning and indexing is an essential part of any CRM system. Firms with a good CRM solution will automatically reduce the amount of paper for scanning as they will not generate it in the first place. Scan incoming post and forward electronically to each staff member’s inbox as well as tackle your paper-based filing system.

Key Features

  • Scanned Inbox
  • Staff Inbox
  • Assign Scanned Documents to Staff
  • Forward as Email
  • Thumbnail View
  • Preview Pain
  • Multipage
  • Use External Viewer Such as Invu or Adest
  • Define Auto Folder Structures
  • Indexed History
  • File Format PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIF
  • Categorise Scanned Documents
  • Index against Client and Job
  • Update Status
  • File in Selected Year Folder
  • Mark a Priority
  • Apply Scan Type
  • Index by Campaign
Document Management